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Broadway On

Art Direction: Soonduk Krebs

Deliverables: Branding, Poster Design, Motion Design,
Social Media

On March 16, 2020, the lights went out on Broadway stages in New York City. The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit the theatre industry especially hard, with hundreds of actors, musicians, crew, and more out of work. This summer, we look towards Broadway's grand reopening. But Broadway is going to need a campaign to bring the audiences back: enter Broadway On. Broadway On is a celebration of light, both the light coming back to the stage, to the light in the hearts of every theatergoer.

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Six shows were selected for the upcoming season: Anything Goes, The Lion King, Pippin, Chicago, Newsies, and An American in Paris. The poster series uses a stark color palette, dramatic photography, and expressive typography. 
The advertising also utilizes classic theater vernacular and expressions relating to the anticipation of a performance, such as "Waiting in the wings" and "The show must go on." 
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