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Artboard 23.jpg
The Wardrobe Rebrand

Client: The Wardrobe

Art Direction: Bryan Satalino

Deliverables: Branding, Stationery, Signage, Social Media

The Wardrobe, formerly known as Career Wardrobe, is a nonprofit and retail store located in Philadelphia. Their mission is to empower their clients and customers through the power of clothes. The Wardrobe's former brand identity was no longer adequately representing their growing community, so a new brand and a new name were created to reflect their energetic, inclusive, and welcoming identity. 

The window graphics utilize key words that The Wardrobe community identified as indicative of the organization's impact, surrounded by whimsical illustrations and icons.
The color palette refines The Wardrobe's iconic purple and green, while expanding the colors with a lively set of secondary colors, complemented by a pair of soft neutrals.