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jug_cover-View 8.png

Art Direction: Soonduk Krebs

Deliverables: Branding, Stationery, Advertising, Web Design, Social Media, Merchandise

Meet Franzia's hip, trendy younger sibling – Jug. Jug is a boxed wine for people who are still on a budget, but want to look cool while they drink their wine. With bold gradients, clean white, and artsy typography, Jug is the perfect choice for older Gen X to Millennials alike. Whether you're staying in with takeout and a bad movie or slapping the bag at a party, Jug has only one recommendation: sip or chug.

Artboard 72.jpg
The back of the box features an infographic that shows the flavor profile of each wine: Merlot, Rosé, Pinot Grigio, and Moscato. Suggested snack food pairings keep it honest.  
Jug's advertising campaign highlights the many different ways people can enjoy their wine, with everything from out at a soiree to relaxing in the tub.
The combination of colorful, vibrant gradients with ample white space keep the packaging and overall branding feeling fun but never childish.